2016 Kam Fan Winners & Young Lotus Team to AdFest, Pattaya, Thailand

AdFest 2017
Congratulations to our Kam Fan Winners! 2016 Kam Fan Winners Cheil HK & O&M HK were sponsored by CreateHK of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Region to AdFest in Pattaya in March.

“#BeTheirEyes” created by Cheil HK awarded 2 Silvers & a Bronze while the creation of “Finger Lickin' Good” by O&M HK gained a Silver & 2 Bronzes this year in AdFest.

Congratulations to all and it is a valuable opportunity and experience for our Hong Kong teams.

Young Lotus 2017

The HK4As’ Young Kam Fan Team from BBDO was also sponsored by CreateHK to Young Lotus Workshop. It was aimed at nurturing the new generation for the future of Advertising industry.

Team of BBDO gave an impressive presentation in the competition and went as far as the final 5 teams having beaten 15 other teams from around the world.