Membership Structure & Fees Update

Affiliated Members

  • Affiliated Membership is open to corporations or individuals which wish to be associated with the advertising industry and which business is related to the industry in disciplines of advertising, marketing, account servicing, creative, arts, design, production, printing, media, suppliers, vendors and other lines of business approved by the HK4As' Executive Committee
  • New applicants need to have an established record of business for at least 1 year and producing work that is reputable
  • Applicant's clients profile will also be vetted to ensure a sizeable billing
  • Acceptance shall be considered at the discretion of the Executive Committee with interviews to review applications
  • This category is eligible to attend meetings of the Association's Committees by invitation of the relevant Committees
  • This category shall be invited to join the Association's social activities
  • Members must abide by the Standards of Practice & Code of Advertising Standards laid down by the Association & the Hong Kong Government respectively
  • Members benefits: rule & regulations of pt (vii) of the HK4As; as well as guidelines on the restrictions and appropriate application of the Association name, will be provided for reference
  • Annual Membership Fees $28,000