Membership Structure & Fees Update

Welcome to HK4As!

Membership of the HK4As is open to companies, organizations, and individuals engaged in and associated with the advertising business in Hong Kong under these categories:

HK4As provides a wide range of activities catering for the different needs of different members.

Full Members

Affiliated Members

Individual & NGO Members

Student Members

The Association now accepts applications for Affiliated Members, Individual & NGO Members and Students members. These new member groups can enjoy our networking functions and concessional rates for membership activities and training courses.

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Full Members

  • All Full Members are, or part of, an advertising agency network with at least 3 offices in 3 different country regions, with one of them in Hong Kong, and all with separated premises and registered offices. All offices in Mainland China would only be considered as one region. Offices in Macau would be included into their Hong Kong Office as one unit
  • The Agency should be considered a significant contributor to the advertising industry in terms of key staffs, size, revenue, clients, years of service and reputation
  • The Member shall have a minimum billing of HK$50,000,000 derived from at least 3 Clients which have spent advertising budgets in the Hong Kong market. A trading house representing a number of principal shall be regarded as one Client
  • New applicants need to have an established record of business for at least 1 year, with good reputation and recognised contributions to the industry
  • Applicants to this category needs to fulfil at least 3 of above 1st to 4th requirements
  • Applicants to this category needs to be nominated as well as seconded respectively by the 4As’ Full Members, and final admission is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee with an interview session
  • Full Members are entitled to attend and vote at all General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  • Full Members are eligible to sit on the Executive Committee and Sub-Committees of the Association
  • Annual Membership fees $ 60,000

Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail

Full Members

*Media Agencies