• To promote the observance by Members of the highest standards of business ethics in their dealings with the public, their clients and among themselves;
  • To encourage the association of advertising agencies in companies and firms, thereby securing the establishment of organizations with the specialized knowledge and experience essential to provide efficient service, and to devise and impose service, professional and financial standards in relation to such companies and firms;
  • To lay down and enforce observance by the Members of the Association of professional standards of conduct;
  • To afford means of arbitration on or for the settlement of disputes or questions between advertising agencies or between such agencies and third parties.

Mutual Help

  • To create and maintain within the advertising industry a forum for the better exchange of views and communication between advertising agencies and others engaged in the advertising industry;
  • To use the forum so created to advise and provide information and assistance to Members on the better management and planning of their businesses and to institute or to establish schemes or plans to provide facilities or services, professional, recreational, social or otherwise, to Members of the Association;
  • To ascertain and notify the law relating to all things connected with the profession of advertising agencies and to watch over legislation affecting advertising agencies and to promote or support and assist in any legitimate manner the carrying into effect of any legislation having for or among its objects the common good of advertising agencies or of them and the general public, and to oppose any legislation considered harmful;
  • To represent the views of Members of the Association and of advertising agencies and on their behalf to enter into discussions and negotiations and to conclude agreements;
  • To hold conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the discussion of professional affairs, interests and duties, the reading of papers and the delivery of lectures, to organize educational programmes, to compile and revise lists and registers of advertising agencies, to distribute copies of papers, lectures and professional records, to form libraries for the use of Members and others and generally to collect, collate and publish information of service or interest to advertising agencies and the general public.


  • To represent and promote to all sections of the public, commerce and government the role of advertising as an essential social and economic requirement in a free enterprise society;
  • To promote a better understanding of advertising and its role in society and to present on behalf of the industry explanation or answer to criticism of the industry to government bodies, consumer associations - other such bodies;
  • To inquire into and report on matters of general interests to advertising agencies and affecting the interests of the Members of the Association and to make representations on behalf of the profession to the proper authorities as to reforms affecting any such matters;
  • Generally to watch over, promote, and safeguard the common interests of the Members of the Association and of advertising agencies generally;
  • Generally to watch over, promote and safeguard the interests of the general public by establishing and maintaining a high standard of advertising behaviour and ensuring that all advertisements are legal, clean, honest and truthful.